How We Started

The Al Furqaan project was started due to an ever-increasing demand for secular education for Muslims within Europe. 

Al Furqaan School was established in September 1996 by concerned parents and scholars. Many parents have been anxious for some time about their child’s education, morality and faith. All these qualities are basic requisites for the true upbringing of our future generations.

Our aim is to make the school a centre of excellence for learning and development for our children. We want to ensure that our future generations adhere to Islamic principles, educating the children within an environment where they are not deprived of their faith and morality whilst having the opportunity to study secular subjects.

Not only do we want to develop the Islamic personality in our students so that they will be able to apply the Quraan and Sunnah in their lives, but also become leaders of the community with their academic achievements. Education is a partnership between child, teacher and parent. Consistent cooperation is vital for the well-being of each child and we hope for a long and satisfying association shared by all three.

We endeavor to make the school a lively and interesting place where children enjoy learning. By fostering their intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development. We hope our children will be self-confident, hard working, responsible and considerate.