School Opening Times

Respected Parent / Drivers;


For the safety and the smooth running of the school we would like to bring your attention to the following; 

School timings are as follows: 

Mon- Thu:    8.30 am – 2.15pm 

Fri:                  8.30 am – 11.45am 


All parents and drivers are strongly requested to drop and collect children at the lower school gate on

Bath Street, and NOT bring their cars near the upper gate or in the upper school car park. 


We advise all drivers who come to drop or pick children up at the school do so by coming in from Northfield Road  (Opposite College) and go out by going down Bath Street (Near the restaurant). Please follow this one way route as it will be reduce congestion for all drivers and not cause chaos on the road. 


At home time children will not be allowed to leave the school grounds until parents/ drivers collect them from the gates.  


The school provides a service where one of our staff stays up to 15 minutes with the children outside. Please kindly make sure your children are collected within this time.

If due to unforeseen circumstances you are going to be late please inform the school as soon as possible.  


Mobile phone text service 


The school has a text (sms) service where parents can be informed of sudden school closures with short notice. This number is used only for school announcements 07392 239 411. Please use the school's landline number for all other enquiries.


*Only those parents/guardians that have been added or who have requested to be informed via text will receive this communication. If you would like us to add your mobile number to our text list or your mobile number has changed then please text your name and number to the mobile number above.